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High Performance Wireless

Mission-Critical Communications

General Dynamics Itronix has been designing integrated wireless solutions since 1987. By designing ultra-wide band antennas and fully integrating them into our super structure, there is no fear of damage or forgetting to pull up an antenna to get a better connection.

We have mastered the areas of design and architecture in:

  • Custom built ultra-wide band antennas
  • Increased sensitivity through RF shielding and system noise suppression for optimal coverage
  • Fully integrated antennas to provide ultimate durability
  • Multiple radio integration that delivers mission-critical connectivity … anytime, everywhere


Wireless Capability by Product
GD8000 Fully Rugged Notebook

GD6000 Vehicle Rugged Notebook

GoBook®MR-1 Fully-Rugged Ultra-Mobile PC

Duo-Touch Fully-Rugged Tablet PC
Wireless Support
Wireless Activation and Support
Innovative Technologies
DynaVue® Display Technology for Unsurpassed Outdoor Viewability
Rugged Defined
When Tough Isn't Enough


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