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Glare-Free Touchscreen Display Technology

General Dynamics Itronix’s DynaVue® touchscreen display technology optimizes viewability in all lighting conditions, including outdoors in direct sunlight, without sacrificing battery life…and outperforms 1,000 Nit alternatives.

The technology leverages enhanced contrast ratios and polarization techniques, rather than increasing display brightness, which draws power from the battery and impacts processor performance. 

DynaVue is the only notebook touchscreen display technology which meets MIL-STD 3009, the U.S. military’s high-ambient light viewability specification for the primary flight displays and mission avionics controls displays for aircraft. DynaVue comes standard on all General Dynamics Itronix products.

DynaVue® balances display brightness and contrast ratio and virtually eliminates the internal reflections that wash out display clarity. 


“According to our most recent user research, display quality and daylight viewability rank among the top three purchase criteria for rugged notebooks. The DynaVue® display technology by General Dynamics Itronix provides a truly impressive solution without compromising battery life or processing power.”

David Krebs, Mobile and Wireless Practice Director
Venture Development Corporation

“Of the many transmissive display screens I have observed, I have never seen one that is as clearly viewable in direct sunlight as what General Dynamics Itronix has accomplished with DynaVue® technology. To deliver this level of viewability without compromising performance and battery life is amazing, and significantly ahead of what the competition is capable of delivering today.”

Conrad Blickenstorfer, PhD, Editor-in-Chief
Pen Computing and

"The display is highly visible, even in bright sunlight. This feature distinguishes the GoBooks from most other computers in the market, as their DynaVue technology is arguably the best in the industry for bright light conditions."

Tim Dees, retired police officer and editor-in-chief

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What is a Nit?

A Nit is a measurement of light in candelas per meter squared (Cd/m2). For an LCD display, Nit is brightness out of the front panel of the display. Given like technologies and implementations (layering of anti-reflective and anti-glare coating, touchscreen, etc.), Nit rating is a somewhat approximate reference when comparing brightness from display to display. However, it is not useful for comparing displays with dissimilar implementations.

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