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The benefits of new technology have transformed patrol cars across the country: a vehicle mounted computing solution with wireless capability means officers have realtime access to information, database files and GPS mapping systems.
General Dynamics Itronix GoBook® computers offer powerful performance, durability and ruggedness; wireless capability including WWAN, WLAN, PAN and GPS radios; security features such as a removeable hard drive and fingerprint reader; and ergonomic considerations.
Spokane Police Department: In the early afternoon on Saturday, April 21 2007, Officer Mosman of the SPD responded to a robbery call in North Spokane, Washington. With his lights flashing and siren warning of his approach, he cleared the intersection but, upon reaching the middle of the intersection, was hit broadside. The airbags deployed, the officer was injured, and the vehicle severely damaged. Remarkably, the GoBook® III mounted in the vehicle incurred minor damage and continued operating normally attesting to the durability and reliability of these rugged computers. Officer Mosman was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.
View more details about this incident including detailed photos.
Dallas Police Department adopts vehicle-mounted GoBook rugged notebooks and video cameras to increase efficiency and security for patrol officers (courtesy Integrian).

Glastonbury Police Department: The Police Car of the Future. GPD patrols 54 square miles - the largest municipality in Connecticut. The GPD fleet of 17 marked patrol cars has deployed an extremely progressive mobile computing solution which has brought them in the spotlight of national attention. The GPD vehicles are outfitted with trunk-mounted, vehicle-rugged GoBook® VR-1 running 54ward COREcommand voice control software which allows true hands and eyes-free operation.

The Florida Highway Patrol had been using traditional non-rugged laptops for in-vehicle use since 2001. Major Steven Williams, Tech/Comm Section Commander, reported that on average, traditional laptops were replaced every two years with frequent downtime requiring repairs every couple of months, "The heat, vibration and moisture were wreaking havoc on the laptops, so we wanted to find a ruggedized computer that could withstand these demanding conditions."
NEW! Fully Rugged GoBook® MR-1
Launched in June 2007, the GoBook MR-1 is the first Rugged Ultra-Mobile PC on the market. Designed for mobile computing in any environment, the GoBook MR-1 is the only rugged, full-function notebook in a compact, lightweight, clamshell form factor.
Touch the Future VideoThe GoBook MR-1 is ideally suited for motorcycle and bicycle police, increasing officer safety and efficiency for these responders who typically cannot access their department network.

Watch the GoBook MR-1 Video and "Touch the Future"
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Fully Rugged GoBook® XR-1
Launched in August 2006, the GoBook® XR-1 is the world's most powerful, multi-wireless, rugged notebook with the smallest and lightest footprint available in a fully-rugged platform. The GoBook® XR-1 is the first rugged notebook to integrate Intel® Core™ Duo!

NEW! Vehicle Rugged GoBook® VR-2
Launched in June 2007, the GoBook® VR-2 combines performance and durability in a notebook that transitions seamlessly from the desktop to the vehicle.
Optimized for vehicle-deployed workforces, the GoBook VR-2 is the only semi-rugged notebook rugged enough for vehicle deployments.

NEW! Duo-Touch® II Rugged Tablet PC
The Duo-Touch® II is General Dynamics Itronix’ newest dual-touch mode rugged Tablet PC. Mid-sized, lightweight and ergonomic the rugged Duo-Touch® II is the ideal solution for tight quarters in a vehicle cab.

benefits of General Dynamics Itronix law enforcement solutions
Depth of expertise and services
General Dynamics Itronix has developed, manufactured and supported mobile computing solutions for nearly two decades. General Dynamics Itronix can handle everything from implementation and asset management, to gold disk (software imaging) and project management. 

Specialization in large and complex deployments
Whether it's 5 units or 15,000 units, General Dynamics Itronix will deploy and lead the implementation of your wireless rugged rollout seamlessly.

Customer Support and Warranty Services
General Dynamics Itronix three-tier customer support and warranty programs (iCare Services) are unmatched in the industry. For experience and depth of services, no one is better than General Dynamics Itronix. Check out specifics on General Dynamics Itronix Services.

One-Call Client Service Center
One phone call to 800-638-9270 will handle your service and technical support issues.



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