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General Dynamics Itronix and Flextronics Enter Into an Agreement for Continued Product Support

General Dynamics Itronix (GD-Itronix) Enters an Agreement With Flextronics For Product Support
Flextronics will take on the active role of support for all General Dynamics Itronix products.

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End of Life Notice for GD Itronix Products

General Dynamics Itronix (GD-Itronix) is No Longer Manufacturing Itronix and Tadpole Products
Final End Of Life Notices were issued to our customers and partners in March 2013 (attached to each product page).

GD-Itronix is no longer accepting purchase orders for Itronix or Tadpole Notebooks or mobile servers.

The company is continuing to service both product lines, including selling accessories and service parts. Customers looking to purchase these items can do so by using the “Buy Now” button or sending large volume orders to




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